Tibalis Posterior Dysfunction 

Tibialis posterior is a very important muscle arising from the back of the leg, under the inside of the ankle, and under the foot. Failure of this muscle is painful and serious to your foot health. You are more likely to need a custom device for this problem than any other, particularly if the condition has been troubling you for several months. Arch pain should be check if it persists over two weeks. Most arch pain is fortunately due to simple muscle and ligament strains. However arthritis can effects the joints of the mid-foot, which again should be dealt with early.

Treatment will typically involve provision of offloading functional foot orthoses and other braces designed to reduce force and load through the tendon. This will be followed by a rehabilitative exercises regimen specially designed to restore strength and normal function to the tendon. Most patients with this condition heal well with an appropriate rehabilitative program. This, however, can be a lengthy process and may take several months in patients who have had their condition for a long period of time. Minor cases of this condition that are identified and treated early can usually settle within a few weeks. Early treatment is vital to hasten recovery and ensure an optimal outcome.