• BIOMECHANICS is the study of how biological materials behave under stress and strain. The clinical application of this knowledge is an area of particular expertise of the podiatrist. The foot is the only human body part that recurrently impacts the ground making it a rather unique structure. The foot often has to compensate for poor function or posture higher up the body, causing abnormal motions in the foot and ankle. These compensations can result in over strains and injuries. Equally foot dysfunction can cause other joints of the spine, pelvis, hip and knee to work in poor alignment creating pathologies within these other joints as well as in the foot.

Early recognition of abnormal foot and lower limb biomechanics can often avoid injury and should always be considered in the prevention of injury. This also applies to children, where feet and walking problems may be corrected during growth.

At the initial consultation and examination after a diagnosis is made, treatment options will be explained and advice given. If any further investigations such as X-rays, scans or tests are required then these will also be discussed.