At Podiatry Clinics (Yorkshire) Ltd we offer running analysis using TEMPLO slow motion video analysis software. The Templo system allows us to capture real-time front and side views simultaneously at 50 frames per second (your eye can only pick up 7 frames per second). Our Running analysis service aims to make sure your body is in the best condition for running, helping you to maximise performance and reduce the risk of injury.

Sprintex treadmill is the special treadmill for gait analysis and has been designed and manufactured according to medical requirements (see here for details).


During the Running Analysis, we will assess your flexibility, joint mobility, strength and core stability, then devise an individual programme to condition your body for running.

Any previous injuries and problems will be discussed to reduce the chance of them reoccurring and getting in the way of you achieving your goals.

Each person is unique and will run differently. We will analyse your running style and give advice on how to improve your technique and give advice on which type of trainers you should use to help correct any biomechanical problems.

At the end of the Running analysis, you will be given a summary of the assessment findings and recommendations. This will provide you with:

    • A clear plan regarding your training schedule
    • An individually tailored programme of stretches and stability exercises
    • Advice regarding your running shoes and advise on suitable functional foot orthoses if required.