Would you like to run further and  faster ?

Improve your running  performance and efficiency?

Make sure you stay injury free?



MotionMetrix: The most comprehensive motion analysis system available in York and Leeds to runners of every ability

At our specialist York and Leeds clinics we offer a thorough consultation with our expert clinicians to build a picture of what constitutesyour perfect running style.

For the MotionMatrix software, the data from nearly 1000 runners has been used to gather normative data on what makes a good runner. After a short run on our treadmill it assesses you in 3-D and instantly gives you an accurate analysis of your biomechanical data. Your data is presented in a clearly readable way, and offers you a ready comparison with elite runners’ performance (see the green markers on the image below). We can then spend time discussing the improvements to your technique which will improve your performance and re-test to make sure it works. Give us 90 minutes and we will improve your running for life – for not much more than the price of a new pair of trainers.


Running Performance: after consultation we can implement the changes that will improve your technique. This patient was shown to be more efficient and closer to ‘elites’ on retest

Are you running as well as you can? Many of us haven’t a clue what our most efficient style is. MotionMetrix can show measurable results to help you with your goals, be they based on speed or distance. Make the most of the time you spend out there running.

Understanding your injury: Knowing the angles of your joints and your degree of symmetry gives insight into your running mechanics.

History-taking is an important part of the process because it gives important background information about how any injury occurred. The insight this data gives helps us put together effective plans for correcting running technique; strength and rehabilitation; improving flexibility; shoe and orthotic strategies.

Injury Prevention: Seeing where the joint forces and moments are highest whilst you run can help us plan to reduce them

Come and try out the world’s best running analysis system – and run further, faster, and stay injury-free

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