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MotionMetrix: There has never been a more comprehensive motion analysis system available for all runners

Over 600 runners have been used on the system to gather normative data on what makes a good runner. It assesses you in 3-D and gives you an accurate motion analysis within minutes. Your data is presented in a clearly readable way, and offers you a ready comparison with elite runners’ performance (see the green markers on the image below).

Running Economy: with changes implemented to improve technique, this patient was shown to be more efficient and closer to ‘elites’ on retest (the dark blue arrows)

1.     Running Economy

This is the overall figure of how you’re doing. The ‘fridge economy’ reading (top right in the above image) shows quickly if the changes we suggest have worked. This takes into account your height, weight, age and the running parameters measured. Many of us haven’t a clue what our most efficient style is. Even though you may not be running anywhere near how an elite would, it enables you to structure running programs and work towards your goals.

Understanding your injury: Knowing the angles of your joints and your degree of symmetry gives insight into your running mechanics.

2.   Understanding your Injury

History-taking is an important part of the process because it gives important background information about how your injury occurred. Then, after just a few minutes of running using MotionMetrix 3D, we undertake an evaluation and present all-important feedback. The insight this data gives helps us put together effective plans for correcting running technique; strength and rehabilitation; improving flexibility; shoe and orthotic strategies.

Injury Prevention: Seeing where the joint forces and moments are highest whilst you run can help us plan to reduce them

3.     Injury Prevention

Whether you want to get back into your fitness program or attempt a new event, it’s simply common sense to have your running assessed with MotionMetrix 3D, so that you understand your movement pattern. Strategies to prevent injury, whether in the form of preventative exercises or cues to be aware of when running, can then be accurately assessed.

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