by Lee Short MScDPodM and Bob Longworth MSc DPodM

At the end of November, Lee and Bob completed level 2 of the Stecco Manipulation Technique for fascia. This is a different way of looking at musculoskeletal problems using mobilisation of the fascial system to ease symptoms.

Antonio Stecco working on a patient during the course.

Fascia is a tissue that envelopes all of our muscles, bones, blood vessels and all cutaneous nerves have to pass through it on their way to the skin. Fascia is made up of 3 thin sheets which allow movement by gliding over each other. If these layers doesn’t glide as they should, it can cause a lot of different symptoms in the body. Manipulating it a certain sites helps it to glide as it should, increasing function and reducing pain.

Level 2 was another intensive 4-day course with one of the founders of the technique ‘Antonio Stecco’. The days lasted from 8am-6pm and contained lectures and practical work as well as an exam at the end (which I’m happy to report, we both passed). We had previously learnt about Centres of Coordination (CCs) that can be released with massage. This time we added Centres of Fusion (CFs) with a rationale of to when to use them.

We are excited to offer this as a new treatment option for lower limb MSK problems. We will need an hour with you to work out which fascial line to work on (using movement tests) and to treat it, which isn’t pleasant but is worth the discomfort!

by Lee Short MScDPodM and Bob Longworth MSc DPodM