by Bob Longworth MSc DPodM MRCoP

When I first qualified back in 1986 by brother Ste (who was a GP) gave me this bit of advice which I’ve always remembered and tried to implement. “Always treat your admin staff well. They are the ones who can make your life easy or hell”. As they sit ‘front of house’ they are often the face of the clinic and certainly the interface between patient and practitioner.

We are so lucky that the receptionists at the clinics where we work, are all top notch, professional and lovely. They make us look good, ensuring that the clinics run smoothly, patients are booked into the right type of clinic, sorting out GP letters and not letting us forget to reply to messages – a real credit to the business.

Podiatry Clinics Yorkshire’s own secretary is the wonderful Christine. We worked with her in the NHS and she was due to retire about the same time we started the business. We managed to persuade her not to retire but to come and work for us. She liked it because she could work from home (which was more unusual than it is these days) and has been the glue holding it all together ever since. What would we do without her?

She sent us this poem and we’d like to share it with you:

There were two guys called Bob and Lee

Who decided to go into Podiatry

They’ll look at your feet 👣

And make them nice and neat

If you’re in pain and feeling the strain

Give them a shout and they’ll sort you out

If Plantar Fasciitis is causing  you pain

Shockwave treatment could  make you smile again

insoles will help to correct your gait

Please don’t suffer and try and wait

Runners can gain from their expertise

By trying our 3D Running Machine

Don’t despair as they are always there

To make you feel like you’re walking on air