by Lee Short MScDPodM and Bob Longworth MSc DPodM

Lee was proud to open up this event concentrating on all things running. He presented the evidence for running retraining – can changing your running technique help improve performance and reduce injury? The literature says you can. This involves changing some gait parameters which we can now easily measure with MotionMetrix. He then gave a couple of examples where the equipment has been used to inform running retraining.

The evening continued with Dr Jon Power who gave a great talk on how the army helped reduce Exercise related lower leg pains in their new recruits by giving cues that enabled recruits to run without hurting themselves, once again emphasising that small changes to your running style can make big differences to your symptoms.

Orthopaedic surgeon James Stanley gave a great overview of surgical intervensions to the sporting foot and ankle. His entertaining talk was Chock-full of useful information and we could have listened to him for a lot longer.

Last up was the amazing Rob Pope – The world record endurdance runner. He’s not long back from the States where he did a world record breaking run in the footsteps of ‘Forrest Gump’ – He ran across the USA 4.5 times in 18months with an averaging 33 miles a day – incredible! As one of the charities he was running for was the World Wildlife Fund, he was quite pleased that his journey resembled a whale. A truly inspirational guy!

A great evening.