by Lee Short MScDPodM

Want to make your running more economical so you can run faster, longer or stay injury free?

Have your running style analysed with MotionMetrix 3D and we will show you where improvements can be made. Compare your running to elites and see what changes will help improve your performance.

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The following slides are part of a presentation that Lee and Bob wrote about running retraining which Lee delivered at a recent Yorkshire Sports Medicine meeting. If you want us to deliver a lecture on this or anything else we do – drop us an email

These are highlights from a lecture which Lee gave about running earlier this year

This slide overlaid lots of different academic papers to illustrate that there is a lot of literature about this out there and an awful lot of it shows good results

A list of what the papers show we can change
After collecting a huge amount of data in only a minute, MotionMetrix presents it in user-friendly screens which are sent directly to the runners phone
The right hip drop seen on the left picture can be minimised by getting the runner to concentrate on different cues. Different cues work for different people
We understand that this will not be plain sailing for everyone but have the skills to avoid the pitfalls
We have many more references we could send you if you were interested…..

by Lee Short MScDPodM